Apr 2, 2018

How angels look


It always amazes me as I try to put the way angels must look as they appear to people in the Bible. In today's reading, the angels is like lightening and his clothing white like snow, Like lightening, very bright, and flashing. No wonder the angels usually start a conversation with, " Do not be afraid."

Nancy Keep
Apr 3, 2018

Angels look the same today as they looked to the people of the Bible

Apr 3, 2018

I totally agree. My point is the astonishment that comes along. Our western art makes them all nice and beautiful, but the Biblical descriptions, show a much different picture. Flaming, 6 wings, flashing like lightening.

Nancy Keep
Apr 10, 2018

what was significant to me was my angel was all of flaming and flashing but faceless- should have been scary but wasn't - seemed so serene and natural - and expected in the aha moment with an unexpectd message.

Apr 19, 2018


I have refused to live locked in the orderly house of reasons and proofs.

The world I live in and believe in is wider than that.

And anyway, what’s wrong with Maybe?

You wouldn’t believe what once or twice I have seen.

I’ll just tell you this: only if there are angels in your head will you ever, possibly, see one."

from "Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver" by Mary Oliver

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